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87 with water in oil

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Hey guys. We've got an 87 250 with the 6.9L. And it's got water in the oil. I have a strong feeling that the head gasket(s) are toasted. When I checked out the motor to see if there's any visible signs I came up with nothing it doesn't look like there's any visible oil/coolant leaks. Is there anythng else besides the head gasket that could possibly let water in the oil?
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Before you tear into anything as per internet diagnosis, do some more easy trouble-shooting before you possibly waste time and effort on the oil cooler. The first logical step would be to pull all your glow plugs, get a cooling system tester, pump it up equal to your rad. cap pressure and let the pickup sit pressurized for a period of time. Then crank the engine, if you get ANY coolant out the glowplug holes, that will definitely tell you which end to tear into---blown headgasket, cracked head or heads, etc. If not, then the search is on.

Plus you better hurry, you might need to get that baby fired up quick if CDC is forced to turn loose about 50,000 inmates like the news was saying today! J/K
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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