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87 with water in oil

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Hey guys. We've got an 87 250 with the 6.9L. And it's got water in the oil. I have a strong feeling that the head gasket(s) are toasted. When I checked out the motor to see if there's any visible signs I came up with nothing it doesn't look like there's any visible oil/coolant leaks. Is there anythng else besides the head gasket that could possibly let water in the oil?
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What you mean release 50000 inmates....?

Also how exactly would I hook up the cooling system tester? Just like I would normally? I askthis because I have never used a coolant system tester before... So any hints tips or tricks are greatly appreciated
the oil isn't green slime, it's more of a grayish color...
So today I noticed a nice lil pool of liquid surrounding the GP on cylinder 6.... I have a bad feeling about this....
I'm pretty sure it's water cause I dipped my finger in it to see what color it was and what it smelled like and it was clear and had no smell... What exactly would cause this?
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