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9007 Bulb Exploded....

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Had a 9007 bulb explode after high beam switched off.
Any idea how to clean up the inside of light housing of smoke haze and
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So, what brand 9007 exploded? Sylvania by chance?
Finger prints and all cause hot spots, that unless there's a defect in the glass itself, wont cause an exploded bulb. Just a shortened lamp life.

When I worked as the manufacturing engineer on the double filament halogen capsule (read light source) lines at Sylvania, exploding bulbs was a daily occurence. The glass is under a lot of pressure, typically halogen's have somewhere between 90 and 120 psig of various gases inside. That in combination with issues in the glass lead to exploders. Fortunately, but not in this case, most tend to pop before leaving the factory, but a good number escaped our wonderful controls and reach the field.

Unfortunately, there's no good way of knowing if you've got a time bomb or not. Unless you've got access to a really good microscope and have eyes trained in searching for glass defects.

Will say this much, we were often hit with large warranty chargebacks to motivate us to improve this never ending problem... Hell, I've been out of the lighting business for 6 years and I'm sure this is one of the problems my replacements are still faced with today...

Sorry for the ongoing BS on this topic, just one that brings back bad memories...

Good luck trying to get all the broken glass out of the housing. If it were me, I'd look for a wrecking yard or OEM ebay replacement. Time and heat from operation may cause the reflective material in the lamp housing to lift and affect the performance of the lamp.
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1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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