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92 F250 7.3 Lift Questions

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Hey all. I'm a noob to this forum. I just bought myself a 92 F250 with the 7.3. I bought the truck to tow my Jeep offroader down to Moab next Sept on a trailer. The Jeep is getting too hard to drive long distances as its heavily modified.

I am completely in love with this ford truck. It drives beautifully and I found one from the original owner who was a ford diesel mechanic. the truck has been Garaged for the last 10 years and is in near mint condition.

I would like to put a lift in the truck. I have a set of 35" Toyo open country A/T's at Home from another project and was thinking they would look nice on the Ford. Since I have never owned a truck like this I thought I should ask for some recommendations from those in the know. I'm thinking a 4" would probably do the job. I want to stay away from crappy products. The truck will also be pretty much a street ride, with some mild treks into the woods for firewood or some fishing. No bogging or rock crawling, so I dont need a high performance kit. I will also be doing the install myself and I'm not much of a welder so I'd be looking at primarily bolt on applications.

Thx Much
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