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92 F250 7.3 Lift Questions

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Hey all. I'm a noob to this forum. I just bought myself a 92 F250 with the 7.3. I bought the truck to tow my Jeep offroader down to Moab next Sept on a trailer. The Jeep is getting too hard to drive long distances as its heavily modified.

I am completely in love with this ford truck. It drives beautifully and I found one from the original owner who was a ford diesel mechanic. the truck has been Garaged for the last 10 years and is in near mint condition.

I would like to put a lift in the truck. I have a set of 35" Toyo open country A/T's at Home from another project and was thinking they would look nice on the Ford. Since I have never owned a truck like this I thought I should ask for some recommendations from those in the know. I'm thinking a 4" would probably do the job. I want to stay away from crappy products. The truck will also be pretty much a street ride, with some mild treks into the woods for firewood or some fishing. No bogging or rock crawling, so I dont need a high performance kit. I will also be doing the install myself and I'm not much of a welder so I'd be looking at primarily bolt on applications.

Thx Much
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All 4" F250 4x4 lift kits are essentially the same thing: they have drop axle pivot brackets, front leaf springs, rear lift blocks, a dropped (extended) pitman arm, front and rear U-bolt and hardware kits, and shocks (which may have to be ordered separately.) They bolt on, except for one of the Skyjacker kits (they apparently have two, one requires welding. Or so say their instructions.) It's a bit of a job but aside from that requires no special skills or tools (I don't know what you do or don't do, just saying.)

4" will let you run 35"s with no chance of rubbing which provides a bit of much-needed ground clearance. You might have to shim the bumper to get that, I changed mine. I have a Rough County lift and am happy with the lift but not their service. I have their steering stabilizer which is kind of lame but it works. The front U-bolts that came with their lift kit are wrong in my opinion and they have some in stock which are provably better, if it ever comes up I can give you the P/N (just rescued the box from the weather, still have yet to write it down in case I need another set.) They can make the substitution at order time. Their service is not precisely bad but they often seem confused.

Superlift also makes a 4" kit. 4" Lift System (Diesel) · 1987 - 1997 Ford 3/4-ton F-250 Pickup 4WD · Superlift ·
So does Skyjacker. More interestingly to me they also sell a steering kit they call the Superrunner, Superunner™ Steering System · Superlift ·
This is interesting because a TTB lift comes with a slight increase in bump steer...

4" lifts ARE entirely bolt-on. They include a drop pitman arm which eliminates the need to relocate steering components, so you need a big mean pitman arm puller. My local Napa store tends to have one in stock pretty cheap. All the other tools are pretty ubiquitous except maybe a big deep socket for U-bolts. You will spend a lot of time with a torque wrench and you need high-lift jack stands but nothing else need be especially powerful. A 3000 lb jack will do the job, preferably a shop jack. Or a high-lift on an appropriate bumper, i.e. not the stock one :(

The lift kits handle rear lift with blocks, you can get springs for about $600 but on top of a lift that costs $700-900 that can seem excessive. The size of the blocks varies. R.C. uses 3", Skyjacker uses 2", Superlift does not specify. Skyjacker offers springs, Superlift mentions Add-A-Leafs and I don't know if they actually sell them. Some other companies make rear lift springs as well. You might think about poly bushings for the rear springs; I'm planning on replacing the rear springs entirely, partly to eliminate the blocks, partly because my springs aren't stacked well and they make me nervous.

You will want a steering stabilizer as well. I don't like Rough Country's, get someone else's no matter what else you buy :)

Finally, you also want to upgrade/replace the axle pivot bushings at this time since you will have the axle dismounted. Summit has energy suspension poly cheap. Removing the old ones is tricky and requires a special puller tool or ingenuity. I admit to scarring my axles slightly removing them with a chisel, but not so you'd notice or so it would ever cause a problem. I fashioned an installer which you can have for the price of shipping.
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