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Removed crankcase cover to check on low oil gear, looks fine. This non metalic substance is found here
By what your saying "crankcase cover", do you mean the oil pan? and what is the low oil gear?

It's very difficult to pull the oil pan without jacking the engine up, which in turn is difficult also. It's much better to pull the whole engine and put it on a engine stand. Fully dressed, these engines weigh close to a thousand pounds, it's better to have a two thousand engine stand. The 0ne ton shop crane is sufficient.

These engine oil pans where sealed at the factory with RTV (Ford TA-31), which is very difficult to remove from pan rail and pan, all of it has to be removed down to a shinny surface or when sealed up again, they will leak again forever.

Harbor Freight has a very good 2000 lb. engine stand.

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