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93 7.3l club wagon where are glow plugs?

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My van is hard to start at cold temps. It is -20F here today. I have a recirc pump, oil pan heater and two battery blankets on the vehicle. It also has a blanket on the hood to keep the heat in. I think my glow plugs need to be replaced. I am new to diesels. Are my glow plugs under the valve covers?

She will chug a little (like once) when I try to start her. But it is so cold I loose battery power quickly. So I keep starting over. I have a charger on the batteries.

I am thinking that the fuel is so cold that it won't ignite, and some/all the plugs are bad, compounding the problem. Is this a reasonable guess? I will replace the plugs, but I'm not quite sure where they are, as I have seen comments about them possibly being under the valve covers. Not looking foward to that in this weather, but whatever it takes........

Gotta get it goin in Alaska
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How long does your wait to start light stay on when you first turn the key on when the engine is cold?
It does sounds like like you have one or more bad GP's. Replace them all with Beru ZD-9's and no other!

Pete can you post the GP replacement guide????
Since this is a van you are working on, while you have it all apart to service the GP's it would be wise to change the return lines, caps and O rings too. Also do a fuel filter AND the FIPL (throttle position switch) since you will have everything opened up. Make sure you bleed the fuel filter before you try firing it up.
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