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Hi I'm new to the forum but have been reading similar Posts for weeks trying to get my van running with no luck. It's a 95 E350 with the 7.3. 170k on her.
It sat for a couple years prior to last year when i put about 10k on it. This winter it died about a mile from my house and after i threw a bunch of parts at it it started on ether and ran for 15 minutes then died when i touched the gas pedal and won't restart other then on ether.
Here's what I've replaced and checked...
New IPR, as well as new wiring connector
New CPS, all three Motorcraft parts....
Cleaned fuel tank filter, fuel bowl will fill up after i empty it when cranking and fuel pressure it about 40 psi and shrader valve.
White smoke (not alot) comes out of tailpipe when its cranked over.
HPOP is full and oil level is good.
Wait to start light comes on when key is turned on and goes off after about 5 seconds, GPR relay clicks on and off like it should, no fuses blown.

After i got all parts replaced it started and idled smooth for about 15 minutes, i then touched the gas pedal and it died and won't restart. It will however fire on ether but quickly die. I don't know what else to do or check.

What do i do next? I'm trying to avoid paying a shop to fix it because I'm sure they will really hose me on labor. I didn't hesitate to replace the parts i already have because ive owned the van for 15 years and have ever only replaced the CPS. Can you guys please help?
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