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I have read everything on the internet about 7.3 with white smoke but still have not found anyone with these exact issues ...the truck is standard and has around 110,000 on it, it was bought the way it sits but had no problems with it untill recently I'm not 100% positive on injector size but was told 300/200 swamps injectors fass pump fuel bowl delete 8inch stack older chip in it not a programmer stock turbo, hpop stock ....truck was built before all the updated parts and knowledge of now-a days lol but anyways ...the truck is smoking white smoke on start up, after it warms up wot turns black then back to white inbetween shifts non stop white smoke the smoke burns the nose and eyes took it to a garage they supposedly did injector o-rings and replaced inter cooler boots cuz they were bad the shop said that number 6 cylinder was cold and thought it was a cracked piston but truck runs and drives fine with a very slight rough idle I pulled the driver side valve cover off ran the truck and unplugged each injector one at a time and it ran even more rough on all injectors so I guess it rules out bad injectors on that side am I right ? I'm not a diesel expert by any means but i can't believe that it is a cracked piston this is the first time posting on here I usually find my answers with no problems but this time I'm stumped

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