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Maybe I'm just no good at searching this forum, and some kind soul can simply point me to the appropriate thread...

I need to replace th rotors on my 96 F350 4x4 PSD with manual-locking Warn hubs.

First question: can the rotor be removed without disassembling (or even removing) the hub?

Second question: what special tools might I need? I saw one thread that mentioned a 20-ton press... REALLY?

I'm feeling a bit out of my league here...

Thanks in advance,

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well, it's like this. jack up truck, remove wheels and calipers. Next remove hub dial, usually allen head bolts. remove hub guts, snap rings, now the bearing retaining nuts, this could be a few different socket choices. then the hub/rotor come off. press out the studs, put a nut on the stud to keep from damaging threads, run it down almost flush with the stud. I have knocked them out with a hammer, but a press is a little more civilized. remove old rotor, align new rotor after cleaning mating surface of the hub. install studs, again hammer or press, don't over press!!! Jumping ahead, retorque lug nuts a couple of times in a hundred miles or so to be sure they seated properly.

reintall all of the stuff you removed, repack wheel bearings if you like, replace grease seal. You are so close now you may want to be sure you don't need axle u joints or ball joints.

I think I got it close to correct.

To answer your questions directly... 1 no
2 it could vary

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