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'96 Powerstroke won't start

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Replaced fuel mech fuel pump,fuel filter,rebuilt ipr,new icp and pigtail,new glow plugs,new valve cover gaskets the harnesses for under valve covers and the pigtails for outside of valve covers, all electrical connections were soldered and heatshrinked. Brand new interstate batteries. Truck cranks over , no smoke from tailpipe, tach is at about 300 rpms and it slightly jumps about 50 rpm or so .sometimes if I crank it long enough the cel light comes on but when I quit cranking it goes off and won't come back for a while. Kinda stumped because I've spent all this money and I've still got a yard ornament and I've got to move it soon because they are paving my road. Any suggestions? It will hit a lick or 2 on ether but won't stay running on its own
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If it is cool enough where you are located the glow plugs and or the relay could be bad. Anytime it is below 60 odds are you will need to use the glow plugs.
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