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'96 Powerstroke won't start

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Replaced fuel mech fuel pump,fuel filter,rebuilt ipr,new icp and pigtail,new glow plugs,new valve cover gaskets the harnesses for under valve covers and the pigtails for outside of valve covers, all electrical connections were soldered and heatshrinked. Brand new interstate batteries. Truck cranks over , no smoke from tailpipe, tach is at about 300 rpms and it slightly jumps about 50 rpm or so .sometimes if I crank it long enough the cel light comes on but when I quit cranking it goes off and won't come back for a while. Kinda stumped because I've spent all this money and I've still got a yard ornament and I've got to move it soon because they are paving my road. Any suggestions? It will hit a lick or 2 on ether but won't stay running on its own
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It was running before, very rough, stalling intermitenly . I've been wanting to do the glow plugs for a while and it just made sense the replace the vc gaskets. The fuel pump needed replaced. It was leaking from the weepphole. I went out this am. And bled the air from hpo system. Hpop is full. I put a little goofy gauge on the fuel Schrader valve. It slowly built to 15 psi before fuel sprayed out of the top of it... I don't trust it fully... I've tried starting it with the icp unplugged, cel light is automatically on and stays on... Still no start..... I don't have any scanners or anything and I'm not spending hundreds of dollars on one... The other cel light only comes on only while cranking until oil pressure builds... Then it won't come on any more.... Only an expensive snap on type scanner I think would figure that out... Those cost more than my trucks worth so to hell with that
Update... I went on and replaced the IPR. crank the truck . nothing until it builds oil pressure. Then it will start to hit a lick here and there. It becomes regular and I'm billowing smoke and it smells like raw fuel in the exhaust smoke. But the Truck will not start.I can run the batteries dead . It will run a bit on starting fluid . but I'm not gonna put too much in it.whY would this thing not be starting on its own. Where there is smoke there is fire right?
I should also add, no more check engine light
I read that its self purging, but I just went out and did it anyways. I'm willing to try most anything . still no start.could the gpr be had and that causing a no start?
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