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'97 7.3L Won't Start, Cranks Ok, No Wait to Start Light

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When you turn the key on, the regular lights come on including Check Engine, sometimes Water in Fuel, and the ABS all seem Ok. The failure to start happened at the same time the Wait to Start light quit coming on.

The engine turns over like ordinary, the tachometer shows indication of turning over and the fuel pump can be heard when the key is on. Also, the voltmeter shows a big draw when the key is switched on, as though the glow plugs are being heated.

This is the first time the engine has failed to start but there have been indications that the cam position indicator may be failing such as cruising along and seeing the Check Engine Light come on and then experiencing a signifcant loss of power. Restarting the engine usually clears up the problem.

Would anyone know if the Wait to Start Light is associated with the cam position module? From what others have posted, there is a likely problem with the cam position sensor but I hate to be a parts changer when there are diagnostic processes available.

Yep, I checked the fuses and the engine oil, all were fine.

This 1997 truck has 147,000 trouble free miles and other than replacing the water pump last summer has been completely reliable. The batteries are the factory installed units as are the brakes! The truck is an HD with floating rear axle but I am amazed that the brakes are in such good condition. The mechanic was not surprised with them.

Thanks for any advice, Bob
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Try this real quick for a trouble shoot. I had a 97 that did the same thing one time and had it towed. Cranked fine, no start. All that was wrong with it was the batteries where going dead. Tech. said it needs a certain amount of amps to turn on the injectors, if the batteries are too weak it will still crank but not fire. If you hook up a battery charger to it and it starts thats likely your problem. Not sure about the wait to start light though since I was starting it in warm weather at the time. Good luck!!:thumbsup:
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