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97 died and wont start

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Have a 97 f250 with a 7.3 . Shortly after adding some questionable fuel the truck stalled. First time trying to restart it sounded promising, but nothing. I've done some testing and seaching

I put 911 in tank n drained filter housing.
Put in new filter n 911 in housing.
have great pressure at shraeder valve
Hi pressure oil pump is full
No oil out of side of injector
wont start with icp off
will run on starting fluid ( I know I know)
all fuse good
batteries are great and have been on charge to prevent from draining

Really in a pinch, don't have money to be shooting in the dark.
I am very mechanical, but have limited 7.3 experience
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All wiring is in good condition. Im not familiar with the nut you are talkin bout. Gonna price cam sensor, sounds like a decent place to start. Does run on spray, if cam sensor was bad would it?
Cam sensor is cheap, but I don't think it is the problem. My tach DOES register when engine is cranking. Also I get good oil pressure when cranking.

You guys think I should try it? Y don't ANY injectors have oil coming out? Could a good dose of water ruin injectors n stop from working??
Wouldnt be glow plug controller because it died. Also it isn't getting fuel
Wasn't cam sensor. Is there a second fuel pump after filter?? I have fuel after filter, just none coming out of the injectors. Any suggestions as to why there is no oil conning out of injectors?? When I crack oil lines loose at head, oil comes out, but doesn't dump out. Any way to check pump
I have good fuel pressure. Even pressurized tank to see if that was it. Truck has 195k on it, would assume it is origional, as is most of the truck (truck was well cared for) buddy of mine owns a minekee, has a snapon scan tools, would have to ask .

When I cracked lines open and cranked, oil did come out. Cranked about as much as needed for cold start. Only maybe a shot glass worth of oil came out.

I could easily make a pressure gage, what should it be? Also how hard is it to swap pump?? Have access to a running 2000 f350. Don't know if they are the same.

Can it be rebuilt?
How hard is oring Job? Were is a good place to get them? Ebay has them cheap, didn't know if they were junk.
Been tryn to locate mechanical gauge, not having alot of luck. Any sugestions??
Do I need to plug one oil line to test hoop?
Any way to override hoop regulator
Hooked up comp tester for gas engine. Didn't make a great seal. While cranking oil leaked were I attached it. Tester went to a whapping 30lbs. The oil that comming out wasn't all that much. (Not 470psi worth)

if you loop wires from regulator, will that bypass it?? Just tryn to replace the least number of parts
Headed to the auto parts store to pick up hpop regulator and making an adapter for compression tester. It looks like removing fuel filter would make life a lot easier for taking off regulator, any tips for removing regulator or fuel filter bowl
Gauge didn't work well, as it got oil in it. Changed regulator, still no start. No oil still coming out of injectors. Does no oil out of injectors mean bad pump then? Or could all the injectors be bad from possible water in fuel?
Something else I was thinking about, when I installed new reg I filled fuel bowl with died fuel. When I went to remove bowl, fuel was clear. That means the died fuel went into injectors. But if no oil sqirts out the side, I thought that meant they weren't opening??
Changed cps and ipr. Never ran low on oil. No oil comes out of the side of the injectors, any of them. None of the wiring appears to be bad. it wil run only on spray. Im getting fuel past the fuel bowl. Cleaned out filter bowl and have a new filter. tried unplugging icp. I have a great batteries and have been maintaining up with a charger. No smoke out the exhaust regardless of how long it cranks
Have access to a 00 super duty. If possible I could try the idm from that. Just don't know where the idea is or what it looks like, lol
Never checked, but I do get fuel after the filter. Even tried pressurizing the tank with an air hose. I'll try swapping the idm, does anyone know how to tell if the one from 00 will work
Checked all fuses. Also tried unplugging it. Puzzles me y there is no oil comming out the side of the injectors
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