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97 died and wont start

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Have a 97 f250 with a 7.3 . Shortly after adding some questionable fuel the truck stalled. First time trying to restart it sounded promising, but nothing. I've done some testing and seaching

I put 911 in tank n drained filter housing.
Put in new filter n 911 in housing.
have great pressure at shraeder valve
Hi pressure oil pump is full
No oil out of side of injector
wont start with icp off
will run on starting fluid ( I know I know)
all fuse good
batteries are great and have been on charge to prevent from draining

Really in a pinch, don't have money to be shooting in the dark.
I am very mechanical, but have limited 7.3 experience
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IPR nut tight ? IPR wiring solid ?
Nope, only one fuel pump are getting good fuel pressure ? Well I guess you need to make yourself a 0-3000 psi mechanical guage and connect it to one of the heads...You could also have a toasted injector o-ring.... do you know the mileage of the injector o-rings ? Is there any way you can monitor the IPR or HPOP pressure with a scan tool ?
Borrow the snap on and see if HPOP pressure reaches 500 psi if it does not you probably have a dusted o-ring.....If the truck was well cared for I doubt it is the HPOP itself ....most likely an o-ring
No you need to remove one of the plugs in the head and tap the guage into that....
Not that I know of....if you unplug it it willl NEVER start.....
1 - 5 of 41 Posts
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