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Hello Everyone,

I recently purchased a F-550 to use as a horse hauler in the Rockies. She definitely needs some work but I have 12 months to do as much of an overhaul as I can.

1. I have the cab gutted and some serious rust removal to do inside the cab. It doesn't look like much has rusted through but it's going to need some rehab. I have a decent concept for what I need to do/replace but at some point I'll be on here hoping for advice on getting better seats and wondering if anyone's installed a digital dashboard.

2. I definitely want to bulletproof the engine. I have minimal experience working on diesel engines so I'm gonna be doing as much reading here as I can.

3. The truck is only 4x2. I know a few guys here have done the 4x4 conversion, I'm hoping to swap to a super-60 front axle if the '99 will take it.

Hope you like the pictures, as you can see, she's a project truck from top to bottom.
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Welcome to the TheDieselStop :)

You won't be able to put a later digital instrument panel in your '99. Way too much work.

Also, the 7.3L is pretty bullet proof as is. Your engine will have forged connecting rods as opposed to the later Powered Metal rods. There are a few things that will help with reliability, such as fuel system upgrades.

If you have specific tech questions during your project, please post them in the appropriate forum. Members here will be happy to help out. (y)
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