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99 or 99.5?

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I have an earlier 99, production date 7/98. And I can't seem to figure out why my truck has the stuff it has. Th updated airbox vented out the front, correct? It has that one, not the fender well intake. The HP rating on the valve cover is 250hp, not 215, 225, 235 like some, and I thought that wasn't available until late 2000. And If someone can help, how do I know which turbo is on my truck? It will be replaced soon soo I think I might need to know.
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As for the turbo, it is most likely the early 99. If you do not have the AIH in the manifold Y-pipe, you have an early 99. The Y-pipe will not interchange between early & late 99 turbo's. Also, to upgrade to the late model turbo, there are many other parts that have to be changed out, approx $800 for all the parts.

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My trucks production date is 7/98(early 99). It does have the AIH on the y-pipe also. I'll have to check the bolts on the turbo. And how does that explain th e valve covers I have seen with 235HP, 225HP, and 215HP ratings? I know the 215 is from REAL early '99's that still had the non-intercooled PSD in it. It was like they attached the new body to the old engine and chassis.
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