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A bunch of questions????

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Hello all, new to the forum, new to Ford diesels, and boy do i have some questions.
First of all, i need a lift kit, I have been thinking leveling kit with 35" tires on 16x10 wheels, my wife however thinks I should do a 4" lift, and just be done with it.
Any pro's or cons would be helpful.
Next Question, which chip is best, programmer, or plug in module, and which brand Edge, SuperChip, BullyDog, I am unsure, I am not looking for a race car, just more low end, and mileage.
My last question (for today) is What can I put in place of the factory cab roof lights, the factory ford ones are not my style, looking for a sleek more rounded light, preferably smoked, or clear lens with led lights, and wide enough to cover the old factory screw holes, as I am sure I will have to redrill holes for the new lights.
Thanks in advance Joe
P.S. any lift pics, and light pics would be helpful, I would love to see some
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Welcome to the forum!

I can't answer the questions on the lift or the cab lights, since I have no experience there. As far as a chip, I would probably go with a multi-position chip from "DP Tuner" (a sponsor here) or "Tony Wildman". You get the advantage of multiple program that you can change on the fly (can't do that with a tuner) as well as choices on custom programs (high idle, valet, stock (for wife /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/phoney.gif), tow, economy, extreme, etc). Both these guys know their PSDs! Cheers!
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