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a/c system question

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My a/c id not working properly - hot air comes out at times. I looked under hood and see we take the new type of coolant that you can recharge yourself. As I happen to have some with the qage on it, I figured I would check/refill it. I looked under hood and there appears to be two valves: one on the left side (looking at enging from the front) near the firewall and one on right side near the radiator. Both valves seem to look the same and neither is labled. They both are part of cooling system. The one on left side into black box and the one on right goes to a line into compressor. which one to I hook the charging unit up to? Also any ideas what else besides coolant could be the problem? I see no leaks in system and it worked fine last summer. Thanks
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Your pressures will depend on the ambient air temp and humidity. The pressures you state would be taken while the truck is running, as when it is not running the pressures will stabalize and read equal. Charging the A/C as you are, you want to put it in on the low side while the compressor is cycling. This will allow it to suck the freon in.
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