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There are some good steps on this site for the flush. I thought I would add what I found out.
I replaced all of my hoses except for the tranny cooler hoses. One of my group of hoses had a "T" with crimped fittings. The "T" had 2 5/8 and 1 1/2 line going to it. The "T" is available at the dealer (without the lines) for $30. The crimps can be cut off and the "T" can be reused.
No need to buy the 1/2 hose that goes from the bottom of the radiator to the the bottom of the "T". 1/2 hose works fine.
The 203 degree thermostat from has a built it "weep" to it to prevent air from being trapped. No need to remove the coolant temp sensor or the plug under the thermostat to bleed air.
There is no way to get to the block plug on teh starter side on mine. It was easier just pulling the starter and removing the plug.
Overall my system was very clean, I could not see any trash coming out of the block drains. I installed by new coolant filter, replaced all the hoses, installed the 203 thermostat and put a new thermostat housing on. Including the used coolant filter setup I have about $200 into this upgrade (coolant filter, hoses, coolant with sca added, hose clamps, therm and housing etc.). A bit expensive but I shouldn't have to do this again for a while.
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