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The other day one of my drivers called me and said the truck just quit while running. I immediately thought he ran the truck out of fuel but upon arrival had plenty but no electrics. I figured he cranked it to death and jump started it and it fired right up. But the truck while running wouldnt move and the range inhibit came on from the trans. Upset that he had two cars on the flatbed I hooked it up with my BIG GMC c6500 and hauled em home 30 miles. Upon getting home I charged the batteries for 30 minutes and fired it up and it shifted and drove nice. I pulled out the meter and found the alternator wasnt putting out at all. So I pulled the batteries out and charged them separately and cleaned all the connections. I retested the alternator and saw that it wasnt putting out. I bought a delco-remy replacement quad mount 100 amp alternator and it was putting out close to 14 V which is normal. So my summation is a ton of things work off the electrics being in top shape-including the Allison trans. So keep a look out for that and it was a cheap fix for m (200 dollars) and and hour. But make sure you tell the parts store if you have a J Mount alternator or a quad mount (which is four bolts). It matters in price and fit.

Just giving a heads up!
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