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I just checked this site and noticed the unanswered questions. Our website isn't a hobby (although we're all car/truck guys) - it's a business. Therefore, we spend our time answering emails, answering phones, filling orders, buying more filters, and doing all the things that are required of a small business.

We really don't have time to watch the forums closely and spent a significant amount of time participating on this site or on the others where we advertise. We're just too busy running a business; we advertise here to find new business, we appreciate those who try us, and we make 99.5% of the people happy when they buy from us.

I'm sorry for the unanswered forum questions, but if you have questions for us, it would be best for you to simply email us. WE ANSWER ALL EMAILS - ALWAYS HAVE. Thanks for your understanding.

Bryan McKee
[email protected]
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