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AC Compressor DEAD

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My AC compressor is dead in my 01. Shop wants 850.00 to replace it. Is this a job I should consider doing myself? If so anyone have some pointers?

Thanks peoples
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I would. You'll want to replace your dryer and expansion valve. You'll then want to vacuum it down before recharging it. I'm assuming you probably don't have the equipment or an IMACA license, but any shop will do this for you. Might replace any o-rings that you expose, as well.

I just don't think you can go wrong doing things yourself. If you mess something up and have to re-do it, you're still better off than paying all the high dealer prices.

There's probably a lot of guys on here that have more experience with our A/C systems than I do.
Oh, OK... It's been a few years for me, when I got out of the business R134 was just catching on.

Good advice on metal shavings, if the compressor let loose then there is sometimes no end to where the system may be contaminated.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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