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ac control

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I posted this awhile back. I would like to be able to control the air coming into the cab with the heater/ac system. I know that the lariot has a recirculation button that works at all settings. I have an 05 xlt without this button. Only time you get recirculated air is when your on max ac. The last time I posted a guy said that he just closed the vacuum line and now it's always off. Meaning the air recirculates in the cab. I would like to be able to turn this on and off. Does anyone have any suggestions for doing this. Or could I get the switch from ford and install it if its an option.
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Install an "electric vacuum switch".

It uses an electric switch (like one you install in your dash) to turn a vacuum port on or off.

This way, you can tie into the vacuum port such as was mentioned by the other guy, but instead of just unplugging it, you can control it.
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