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AC Question

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My ac clutch is kicking off and wont come back on unless you turn the ac off and wait a few minutes. I replaced the low pressure cycling switch and had the same result. I have a gauge that shows that I have plenty of freon. When the truck is just ideling it stays on just fine. Soon as you start driving a few minutes later it goes off. WHATS MY NEXT MOVE.( I am trying to fix it if it is something I can do) High pressure? Clutch problem? Faulty reading on my gauge? Let me know.

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You need to hook up gauges and see what the high side and low side read. I bet that at idle it is not below the kick off point but if you raise it up around 1500 rpm it will drop below the low psi setting and kick off compressor. Sounds like low on charge.
What it does is latch out a relay so the compressor will not get power again, even if the low pressure switch is reactivated. Once the engine is shut off the relay is reset until the low pressure kicks it out again.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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