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So I have never had any AC work (or charging) required on my 2001 7.3 PSD. Since I'm in the NorthEast, it's just getting to that time where it time use AC again. I put the AC on the other day and it's just blowing the ambient air temp. Last night I figured out that the AC motor doesn't come on when I turn on the AC. My understanding is that this could multiple things, along the option of just simply having low pressure in the system.

So I picked up recharge kit at Autozone for $40.00 (seems cheap if it actually solves the problem). So my overall question is, does this seem like a reasonable first test? If yes, is the low pressure side where I am supposed to refill, closest to the cab? (I think the high pressure side is near the radiator). I've read about adjusting the clearance/shims on the AC motor, but not sure without a picture of that. Anything else I may need to be aware, before I try this today (it supposed to hit 90 in MASS today).

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