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Almost 2 months ago my accel pedal started acting up. Sometimes when depressing it would do nothing. Took it to the dealer just before the pedal recall expired and they replaced it. Everything has worked fine until now. I'm having the exact same symptoms again, and even lost partial throttle. I can either coast or go really fast, there is no in between. If I try part throttle it will cut out and just idle or coast. The engine itself does not try to die or anything, just trying to maintain a constant speed or get moving from a stop is tough work now. Here's the thing:

1) When it happened before, I can't remember if it was raining or not, I seem to think it was. It happened yesterday immediately after I hit a huge water puddle during extremely heavy rain.

2) The only performance mod is my ICP mod (similar to BlackCloud's 18K mod). I have problems whether this is turned on or off. I have to turn it off right now or this truck really tries to outrun everything else.

I need some advice on where to look. Seems like some kind of short or water trapped somewhere, but I'm not positive. I haven't had a chance to look yet since it started last night, and I just got to work this morning (barely). Post your suggestions, Thanks!

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It sounds like your TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) may have went out. The symptoms you are describing are similar to what mine did when it went out. I just replaced the TPS, you have to buy the whole pedal, and no more problem. Maybe you got a bad one from the dealer when they replaced it the first time. I don't know if hitting the water puddle caused the problem or not, maybe just a coincidence.

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