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Accelerator Position Sensor - Difference between 1995 & 1996?

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Also known as Throttle Position sensor. When looking up part numbers for pedal assemblies, there is a different part listed for 1994-1995 trucks (F5TZ9F836A) than for 1996-1997 trucks (F6TZ9F836AA). The 1996-1997 part is MUCH cheaper, and also has the sensor available by itself from Dorman. Does anyone know what the difference is between these sensors or pedal assemblies? Can I put a pedal assembly from a 1996-1997 on my 1995?

Michael Pliska
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Not to hi-jack this post, but why do change the TPS? How do you know if yours is going bad? I notice a hesitation in acceleration through a certain part of the pedal and I was wondering if it could be that.
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