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Here's a list of acronymns (abreviations) I began 10 years ago. That was before the 6.0L, 6.4, and 6.7 engines, so very little of the new stuff is in that list.

These acronyms are only the ones that apply to Ford diesel trucks, and do not include the typical internet acronyms or teeny bopper texting shorthand such ROTFL or CUL8er.

Feel free to add additional acronyms that apply to Ford diesel trucks, but leave the internet and texting shorthand to other links.

4R100 auto tranny in SuperDuty trucks with '99-up 7.3L engine
5R110 auto tranny in SuperDuty trucks with 6.0 or 6.4L engines
6R140 auto tranny in SuperDuty trucks with 6.7L engine
4x2 Two Wheel Drive
4x4 Four Wheel Drive
4x4L 4x4 low switch
4WABS four-wheel ABS
ABS Antilock Braking System
AC Air Conditioning
ACC accessory position of ignition key or fuse panel
AIC Auxiliary Idle Control
APCM Auxiliary Powertrain Control Module = brains of the AIC in '94-'04 PSDs
API American Petroleum Institute
ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid
BARO Barometric Pressure Sensor
BBS bulletin board system (TheDieselStop began as a BBS)
BOO brake on/off switch
BPA brake pedal applied switch
BSI brake shift interlock (must press brake to shift out of park)
CC Crew Cab (4 door)
CDR Crankcase Depression Regulator
CPP clutch pedal position sensor
CPS Camshaft Positioning Sensor = Ford calls it CMP
DLC data link connector = OBD-II port under dash
DOT department of transportation
DORA Dealer Order Receipt Acknowledgment
DPF diesel particulate filter ('08-up)
DRL daytime running lights
DRW Dual Rear Wheels, dually, Dooley
DTC Diagnostic Trouble Code
DVOM Digital Volt-Ohm Meter
E4OD auto tranny on pre-'99 Ford heavy pickups
EB exhaust brake
EBPV exhaust back pressure valve
EPR exhaust back pressure regulator
ECM Electronic control module, also known as the EECM = PCM in a Ford diesel
EEC Electronic Engine Control
EECM Electronic engine control module
EGR exhaust gas recirculation
EGT Exhaust Gas Temperature
EOT Engine Oil Temperature
ESOF electronic shift-on-the-fly (for 4x4)
ESP extended service plan = Ford's extended warranty plans
FAQs Frequently Asked Questions
FDCS fuel demand command signal
FMC Ford Motor Company
GAWR gross axle weight rating
GCWR gross combined weight rating (trailer + tow vehicle)
GEM General Electronic Module ('99-'01 PSDs)
GP Glow Plug
GPC glow plug controller
GPL glow plug lamp = "wait to start" light
GPR Glow Plug Relay
GVWR Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
HEUI hydraulic-actuated electronically-controlled unit injector
HPOP high pressure oil pump, sometimes replaced with a high volume high pressure oil pump
IAT Intake Air Temperature (sensor)
ICP injection control pressure
IDM Injector Driver Module
IPR injection presure regulator
IVS idle validation switch
KOEO key on engine off
KOER key on engine running
LB Long Bed
LS limited slip rear axle
LWB long wheelbase (long bed, 8-foot bed)
MAF Mass Air Flow Sensor
MAP Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor
MIL malfunction indicator lamp = service engine soon light
MPG miles per gallon
NGS Rotunda or Hickok New Generation Star diagnostic scan tool
OBD on board diagnostics
OBD-II later version of OBD
OD Over Drive
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
PATS passive anti-theft system
PBA parking brake applied switch
PC/ED powertrain control/electronic diagnosis service manual
PCM Powertrain Control Module = "the computer"
PCV Positive Crankcase Ventilation
PDL Power door locks
PM Power mirors
PS Power Steering
PSD Power Stroke Diesel
PTO Power take off
PTTTM Power telescoping trailer tow mirrors
PW Power Windows
PWM Pulse Width Modulation
RABS = rear wheel ABS ('99 and '00 SuperDuty trucks)
RC Regular Cab
RICP rear integrated control panel (rear seat audio control)
RPM revolutions per minute, or tire revolutions per mile
RSS reverse sensing system (rear bumper alarm)
SAE society of automotive engineers
SB Short Bed
SC Super Cab (extended cab)
SCP standard corporate protocol (communications protocol between sensors and computers)
SD Super Duty
SIR seat integrated restraint (type of seat belt)

SRS supplemental restraint system (air bags)
SRW Single Rear Wheel
SWB short wheelbase (short bed, shorty, 6.5-foot bed)
TC Torque Converter or transfer case
TCC torque converter clutch
TCIL tranny control indicator light (OD off light for 4R100 tranny)
TCS transmission control switch (OD off button on 4R100 tranny shift lever)
TFT tranny fluid temp sensor
TPS Throttle Position Sensor
TSB Technical Service Bulletin
TTM turbo temp monitor
UVC under valve cover, such as UVC clips and UVC wiring harness
VAC Volts Alternating Current
VDC Volts Direct Current
VECI Vehicle Emissions Control Information
VIN vehicle ID number
VREF voltage reference
VSS vehicle speed sensor
WOT Wide Open Throttle (diesels don't have a throttle, so it means pedal to the metal)
WGC wastegate control (actuator, solenoid, valve)
ZF, ZF5, ZF6 German company's manual transmission in our Ford diesel trucks

10 years ago I began a similar thread. That was under different forums software, so it includes a lot of garbage characters where gremlins, quotes or other formatting were included, but you might get a kick out of it.
Click on this link>>>

Decoding Ford transmission name: The first number is the number of gears. The R means rear-wheel drive. And the last number is one-tenth of the max torque after the torque converter that the tranny is designed to handle. So 4R100 is a 4-speed tranny designed to handle up to 1000 lb/ft torque coming out of the torque converter, or about 500 lb/ft at the flywheel. (The torque converter increases the torque up to about double what the engines produces). The 2011 6R140 is a 6-speed truck tranny designed to handle up to about 700 lb/ft at the flywheel.
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Got another one for you that drove me nuts until I figured it out (new diesel guy here)

uvch - under valve cover harness: the wire harness that runs throught the vavle cover gasket and connect to the injectors on 1995 7.3L turbo
Thanks for the post. One thing I noticed is EGT is in there twice. One should be EGR?
Thanks for the post. One thing I noticed is EGT is in there twice. One should be EGR?
Yep. You got me. :)
awsome post, I was having trouble trying to figure out all of these as well.
awsome post, ...
Thanx for the flowers.
Nice job Smokey... haven't seen you around much lately.

God Bless
Thanks so much for the acronym list. Huge help while reading these posts

Don in San Diego
Trying to find out what HPOP is. I see it all over the place, and my car is having a hard time starting, but I can't find what it is, where it is, and how to test it. Argh, too many acronyms!
High Pressure Oil Pump
Yes, high pressure oil pump (HPOP). Your diesel has two oil pumps, one for ordinary lubrication duties, and the other to create extremely high pressure used to fire the injectors. It's related to HEUI (hydraulic-actuated electronically-controlled unit injector). If the HPOP is not working right, then the injectors won't fire, and if the injectors won't fire, the engine is not going to start or run.

The HPOP is rarely mentioned when discussing stock engines or even mildly-tuned engines with up to around 350 HP. The hot rodders talk about it because you need a more powerful HPOP to produce more than about 350 HP from a 7.3L engine.

Here's one source:
You have to scroll down but then you'll see it's a "HIGH VOLUME HIGH PRESSURE OIL PUMP".
I've seen a new one I can't figure out. IIRC. I don't think it's a part. Help me out.
If I remember correctly, IMHO...

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Thanks RT, I wouldn't have guessed that one in a million years and I consider myself pretty good with acronyms.
I've seen a new one I can't figure out. IIRC. I don't think it's a part. Help me out.
It's not related to Ford diesel trucks, so it's not in the above list. Note this sentence in the topic starter post: "These acronyms are only the ones that apply to Ford diesel trucks, and do not include the typical internet acronyms or teeny bopper texting shorthand such ROTFL or CUL8er." Or IMHO or IIRC.

IIRC is internet forums or FaceBook or Twitter posting shorthand for "if I recall correctly"
While you're recollecting, I'm remembering. :)

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REALLY NOT being a Ball buster here but DOT - API - SAE - FAQ - are not really directly related to Ford trucks either. But I get why you included them and why you included the information about not including the internet teeny bopper lingo. But I have to admit, I have been wanting to know what IIRC meant for some time now and was just to shy to ask. Glad I finally read/found this thread. Now where am I going to go on this site to find out why I cannot add a Signature to my profile? I think I figured out that as a free member I cannot add the smiley faces or animated avatars or graphics... But I would think I should be able to add a Signature. Is it as simple as going to my profile page and writing it and hitting save? Cause it's not working for me. HAY!!!! What's going on here???? Now it's showing up!!!!! LOL... Maybe only on new posts I write? I notice my avatar seems to be retroactive when I changed it..... Anyway, Thanks Smokey for all those acronyms. Helps us Noobs out a lot. DDT
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Non paying members of the site should be able to do 99% of what us paying members do. Adding the signature is just as easy as what you are saying and I can see the one at the end of your post, but if there is a problem you may need to send a PM to Administrator and let him know what is going on. An animated avatar should be the same way.

As for the smileys are you using the "Post Reply" or the "Quick Reply"? There are no smileys available in the "Quick Reply" area.

That list of acronyms is the best. It just saved me a ton of time :read:. Thank you VERY much. Trapperbill
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