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Add brake controller to a 2000 E350 7.3L?

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I read the "sticky" about brake controllers, and see that our 2000 E-350 was not available with an integrated brake controller.
I ordered the van with the factory trailer towing package, will have to look at the build sheet to see what that option included. I think it was just a class-4 hitch and wiring harness?

Is there a Ford brake controller that I can add, or do I have to look for an aftermarker unit?
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Y2K? Nothing from Ford. But if you ordered the Ford towing pkg on your van back 15 years ago, then you have the wiring in place to plug in an aftermarket trailer brake controller. The current integrated trailer brake controller (ITBC) probably cannot be installed and work properly, but there are lots of decent aftermarket TBC that will work. I used a Drawtite Activator II for over 10 years with no problems. However, most folks prefer the proportional controllers, such as this one:

2000 Ford Van Brake Controller |
I just noticed the link I posted above includes numerous brake controllers for your van. Since you have the factory 7-pin trailer plug on the back of the van, then you need one for "with factory trailer connector". The Prodigy P2 is included in the above link, but you have to scan way down to see it. Here is a direct link:

Note that the plug for the controller is under the dash near the steering column in your van.
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