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I finally got all my extras for my Quigly 4x4 van. I ended up with a V10. I am going to add an inverter for power and a oasis compressor for on board air.
Heres the question How do I add an extra battery to feed these items? Also any other advise for running these extras? All help is Always appreciated!

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Your E350 should already have the second battery, it's mounted on the frame rail under the side doors. My 5.4 gasser has one. The second battery on the gassers is mostly for running trailer electrics.

[/ QUOTE ] Vans with a gas engine will only have the second battery if it was ordered with it. It is a stand alone option (at least until 2003).
carrfamily, I edited my post above. Check your window sticker, if you have it, and it will show the dual battery was an option. The owners manual should talk about one vs two also. (gas engines)
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