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Additional springs to carry the load better

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I have a 2000 F350 DRW. I only have the single set of springs. The truck is not new to me, but that seems to be the setup for that year. I have a buddy with a 2002 and his truck has an addition set of springs on top of his main springs. Has anybody added these? I want more load carrying capacity. When I loaded a gooseneck, for the first time today, those springs sure straightened out more than I wanted them to. I guess I could get a set of bolt on helpers. But thought I could add the springs on top and the stops to have the same ride empty, but more weight carrying capacity. Other ideas? Thanks.
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Those overload springs could be had from the factory. My 01 had the only option for a F350 which are 525lb helpers. I put 1,050 lb overloads from an F450 on mine to help keep the load leveled. You can just buy the spring and either make the brackets or buy them from Ford.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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