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Advice needed on removing some Centurion accessaries

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I recently bought a 1994.5 Crewcab dually Centurion Conversion. It has stainless grab rails with marker lights installed behind each door. I want to remove both the grab rails and the marker lights. I was quoted $900.00 by a body shop to remove them, weld up the holes and repaint the area. That is a lot of money. I am considering just using bondo and touch up paint in an attemp to do this cheaper but I am worried about the outcome as the truck is in immaculate condion with only 72K miles on it. Has anyone removed grab rails and or marker lights from their truck? How did you do it and what was the outcome like from a cosmetic standpoint?
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I have a 97 Centurion that I got 2 years ago, I removed the exterior windshield visor and had to deal with the holes on the roof and side posts. I fould a body shop to do the weld, paint, and clear coat for $350, can't even tell where it was fixed. Others quoted twice as much, So I suggest you check around for better prices.

I would like to get rid of the Centurion wheels fender flares, though I do not mind the grab bars. I am getting ready to cut off the Centurion flaps around the bottom of the seats that are dirty and look bad.
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