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Hey friends, I need some insight...
I have an 08 F350 with the 6.4 and it was equipped with the Edge Racing Evolution, MBRP DPF delete, and the Stage 2 AFE intake setup with the pre-filter sock and the 5 layer filter. The filter and sock were both dirty and I had no cleaning kit and am the type to have a spare filter handy so I went to order one up, long story short, I was informed that this intake was an inferior "Early developed" setup and that being as it was in stock and available, I could buy the better Stage 2 SI setup, this intake has the Proguard & filter with sock on it. I bought it and had it thrown in with only minor issues. I went for a spin to be certain there would be no codes or issuses. Once the truck was up to temp, I did a good hard run with it and was disappointed to find my EGTs are nearly 200 degrees higher at WOT than they were with the old dirty "inferior" intake..... I am confused... any of you fine folks have any light to shed?
Thank You

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