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Aftermarket ficm identification

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I just got a new to me 05 6.0. Its had a decent amount of work done to it, most of which I can ID. The ficm however, I cant figure out. Its definitely not OEM. the case looks light green, and the little plate on the front has a star engraved on it. I havent had time to pull it to see if there is any other markings. Any ideas? Any way to test to see what voltage it is set up for? thanks!
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No idea, can you post a pic?

You can test voltage by removing the service cover and testing it using a voltmeter. Here's a link to a video that shows you how to do it:

I will say, if its more voltage than stock I would get it off the truck ASAP. The higher voltage units are failure prone, and the higher voltage does not offer any performance advantage, despite what all the marketing hype with try to tell you. The best FICM is a stock one sent to - FORD Powerstroke 6.0 FICM Repair, PHP Tuning and Truck Parts, get their lifetime warranty rebuild and have the Atlas 40 tune loaded into it. That will give you a noticeable boost in throttle response and maybe even a slight improvement in mileage. And it will last. I had Ed go through mine almost 4 years ago and the truck starts right up every time and runs like a top. Its what these trucks should have had from the factory if Ford wasn't so damn cheap.
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