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I am working out the final problems with my 2005 f550 after many problems but what I am down to now is just a ABS light and now just tonite, a air bag light. The ABS light I just cant figure out. It was there since I got the truck used and I have so far changed out the ABS unit itself, the rear end sensor, both right and left front wheel sensors and the master cylinder ,as well as the engine computer. I also have checked the wires for contitnuity and resistance to check for bad wires or conections.I also changed the whole underhood wiring harness and under dash harness which includes the abs computer plug. Nothing has made one bit of difference. The light goes out like it should after you first start the truck but about 5 seconds later it clicks on and stays on until you start the truck up again where it repeats the 5 second off then on. I dont have access to any high end diagnostic tools.

Now the air bag light was working fine but just tonite it does this thing where it blinks its 7 blinks then goes out then a few seconds later it starts the diagnositc sequence again with the blinks then goes out then after a few seconds starts blinking again. Then after 4 or 5 of the these blinking sequences the light stays on. I also have a high mile 99 f250 that does the exact same thing. Its like it keeps rechecking the system 4 or 5 times then gives up and turns on the light. Any help about ideas or experiences would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks NIck
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