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Air dog and injectors.

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Hey guys couldn't find any info so figured I'd post.
6.4 powerstroke, sct x4 custom tunes,rcd egr delete with coolers deleted and flow pro up pipes. Dpf delete. 109k miles.
I'm having a contribution balance code for cyl 5 on occasion. And on three separate occasions I've had a misfire on cyl 5, with lots of white smoke. All on the first start of the day when warming up. Turned truck off as soon as I could then fired back up no issues. It's done that 3 times with 3 months in between each time it's done it. Having my local mech check it out this week or next. Since I've been running diesel kleen every tank I've had no contribution codes....any ideas?
Also I want an air dog system, nothing crazy just want better filtration. I've heard an air dog or fass system can be hard on older injectors. Any truth to this? I'd hate if I have to replace this #5 injector then do the air dog then and have more injector trouble shortly after.
Also looking into the "blue spring mod and banjo bolts" basically anything to prolong the life of my truck.
Any advice appreciated. Sorry for the wall of text
Sincerely, a diesel noob.
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airdog good.. fass too.. fuellabs good as well... better filtration and more volume (excess simply returned to tank) at steadier and more reliable pressure... it's my firm belief that failed HFCM's are a major contributor to failed HPFP's, and because they cease providing both pressure and volume the HPFP NEEDS to work correctly- the fuel is used not only as the product pumped, but for cooling and lubricating itself... run out of fuel? you can grenade that thing in a heartbeat.

lubricity needs to be added to the fuel... < those are periods. 15ppm ULSD has less sulfur (duh) but the process that removes sulfur also removes the lubricants, and leaves it 'dry', which is hard on the parts it encounters- it also makes it more susceptible for sliming and clumping up (if it isn't used up and replaced often enough- you can't store it near as long as you can 500ppm fuel) as the sulfur stops that crap dead in its tracks... so... add lubricity... in my experience, and using the finely tuned mechanism of my 25% hearing loss ears, and my super sensitive levi's, Standydine lubricity formula is tops for off the shelf diesel treatment (purple label)...
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