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Hey guys,
I'm finally getting around to installing air. The bags have been on the truck for a couple of years now. Working great but not enjoying the manual inflation. So, I've got my install mapped out but am unsure of how to go about connecting the bags. I'm wondering if individual control over each bag is necessary or can I get away with joining the two. The concern I have with joining is the air movement from one bag to the other when cornering and the added pressure/stress that might add. The obvious benefit to joining them is that less equipment would be required, i.e. valves, switches, dump/inflate control valves, etc. Looking for some input please.

If it's suggested that they remain separate, a new problem creeps up, I have 4 switches in the truck. This scenario would require 2 switches per bag, one to inflate and one to deflate each. I would still require a switch for the compressor and want a switch to control an emergency tank dump if required. Is anyone familiar with firestone's control panel? What about suggestions on an electric panel?

Much appreciated
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