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Air Intake Mod

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Looking for help and knowledge: I'm interested in increasing air flow through the stock air filtration system, but I want to keep the factory filter in place. I've read a few posts regarding opening up the front air passage area behind the Grille and cutting some of the air duct out up front. Also, I'm wanting to add some Grille protection too, in order to keep bugs, birds and other debris out. Anyone having some knowledge or input about this mod, i would appreciate hearing from you.

Thanks in advance,
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Modded intake housing

Partial ZOODAD mod, I opened up this to a much larger size.
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I have no dyno results but it makes a difference. I can tell from the exhaust tone alone. The larger opening on the filter housing allows for easier airflow so I believe it's easier to pull the air through the filter. I have data logged the intake temps and there is only a small increase on take-off once the truck is warmed up. After 15MPH the intake temps are the same as the outside temps. Downside may be you find small birds or children trapped in the filter.
heavy assault,

What is the purpose of the small hole that is on top? My truck has that too with a hose connected to it, i was just wondering what is purpose was.
If you ask me that smaller hose is the "last resort" air feed to the motor. I would guess that small area is the last to get clogged with dirt and if you fill the filter with dirt/dust and that small hose allows your motor to breathe till you replace the filter.
Hvar=e you thought about mess or a grill over the intake area?

I have looked into some screens or even pre-filter socks but the truth is the OEM filter is quite capable of catching anything in the filter medium.
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