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Airbags Installation VIDEO

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Here's a video of my experience installing Firestone Ride Rites and an Air Lift wireless on-board compressor.

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I would agree that knowing the pressure isn’t critical especially for raising or stabilizing the load. It’s when empty that I’d like to be able to set it 5 Lbs. and forget it. Unfortunately when I set the remote to 5 (lowest remote will allow) the bags really have 15 on one side and slightly more on the other. Thus I have to manually air them down to the prescribed min so I don’t get too much bouncy. Other than that minor inconvenience, I like them!
Adjust your low pressure switch. Should explain how to do that in the manual. I had to do this on my last truck with air bags. Then you never have to worry about it again and it will be at 5lbs.
I'm on the second hole from the top on that bracket for my Firestone airbags and I have the same truck. No cutting or grinding here at all. The only irritant about the installation was that bolt by the def tank but my wifes small arms and hands solved that. The rest of the installation was a breeze.
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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