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Airbags Installation VIDEO

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Here's a video of my experience installing Firestone Ride Rites and an Air Lift wireless on-board compressor.

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Well, I just ATTEMPTED to install the Airlift Loadlifter 5000 onto my 2011 F350 6.7. What a disaster. The kit (57396) is a POS in my opinion. The quality of the bags themselves are awesome, but the way they mount/install is ridiculous, and in my opinion, impossible.

  1. On the drivers side, the top bracket is darn near impossible to install due to the wiring harnesses, the mount for the DEF tank and some other lines.
  2. On the passenger side, there's no way to tighten one of the bolts that attaches the top of the airbag to the top side bracket.
  3. Per the instructions, you have to literally bang off a large piece of the bottom mounts with a hammer. The instructions say you may have to use a grinder to cut it off (which I had to do on both lower mounts).
  4. The instructions just plain suck, bigtime.
After I ran into issue #2 above, I said screw this and backed everything out and returned the truck to factory. I'll be returning this kit through amazon and ordering the Riderite kit.

I went with the Airlift kit because the bags look to be a lot better quality than the Riderite bags. And I figured since I was going to use the Airlift 72000 Wireless kit, I might as well keep it all in the family so to speak, one throat to choke, etc, etc. But man, extremely poor design of the mounting mechanisims with the Airlift bag kit.

So fair warning if anyone is considering going with an all Airlift system. I'd very strongly recommend going with the combo of Airlift Wireless 72000 and the Riderite bag kit, like Epic did.

Now patiently waiting on my Riderite bag kit....
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In your video, where you're installing the airbags themselves, you really only show the passenger side being installed. Question for you, how difficult was the drivers side with all the wiring harnesses, mount for the DEF tank and those other lines that run the inside of the frame?

Thanks, DS
FYI guys. I just spoke to Firestone. Even though their website says use kit 2071 for 2011 F250/350 for diesels without an in-bed hitch, they are now saying use kit 2535 instead (even though the site says 2535 is for same truck but with an in-bed hitch).
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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