Item is in good condition, it ended up being overkill for my use and I went back to the stock pump which feeds my system just fine. In total the pump and filters were installed on the truck for about 5,000 miles. The regulator could probably use a new O-ring from Airdog (or if you know the correct material/size), as I replaced it after over-opening the regulator. But I did not get a specific material/from Airdog, as I was taking the pump off soon regardless.

  • the original Airdog II pump, hardware, tubing, wiring harness
  • Spare Airdog pump motor
  • Aeromotive 10 gauge wiring harness
  • also has a small pressure gauge mounted on the side of the pump, useful for tuning

I'm hoping for a local pickup type situation, but I'm definitely willing to ship as well if need be. Let me know if you would like any more information.