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AIS filter questions.

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I just installed one of the Ford AIS air filters on my truck. I was wondering what I should expect other then a filter with more surface area. Will I see any better performance? Will I see any better milage? Thanks.

P.S. If anyone is wondering this air filter looks to be a lot better then the stock one and it is very easy to install (about 30 minutes or less)
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Would just drilling three or four 1" holes do the trick? Didn't want to cut one big hole.

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Funny, I was going to do the same thing but after cutting 3-4 1" holes, I just decided to open it up with one long retangle opening and call it good. I found a piece of gutter screen - the screen you use to keep leaves out of your roof gutters - at Home Depot and it had a large diamond grille and a fine screen on the back. I cut a piece to fit over the opening to keep bugs, small animals, screwdrivers, and import cars from getting sucked up into the air filter. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

With the AIS and Zoodad, I noticed a slight decrease in EGT's but more importantly, I wanted to protect the turbo from getting trashed since I drive a lot of gravel mountain roads in the summer.
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