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AIS filter questions.

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I just installed one of the Ford AIS air filters on my truck. I was wondering what I should expect other then a filter with more surface area. Will I see any better performance? Will I see any better milage? Thanks.

P.S. If anyone is wondering this air filter looks to be a lot better then the stock one and it is very easy to install (about 30 minutes or less)
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OK I have an AIS on order. So what is the ZooDad mod?


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Good choice.

Take a hole saw or a spade (woodboring) bit or a dremel tool and cut an opening approximately the size of the snoot for the intake. If you're concerned about critters entering, then take some hardware cloth and make a sandwich out of two layers with a layer of screen between the two and rivet/screw it in place over the zoodad hole. Increases air flow or at least provides a more direct air flow route.

You can also get a fender sleeve to direct air through the side of the airbox, but you have to cut a 3.5" hole in the side of your AIS.

I did both and get no restrictor gauge movement whereas I was at approximately 30% with just the fender sleeve and approx 60% without either.

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