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Aligned but still... Pulling to the Right

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Hi all… I’m new here so any help will be REALLY appreciated!!

I just put Nitto Terra Grappler 295x75x16 tires on my 02 - 7.3 - F250,.
I also had to put on a Ranch Hand lift kit, so the front tires would not rub…

I took it to my shop of choice to have it aligned, but they said that it would pull to the right slightly, because of the lift kit, and I would need my passenger side “king pin” replaces/fixed, to the tune of $400.00 plus bucks… OUCH!!
It does pull to the right...:ugh:

My questions are:
Is that something I could replace, and why would that break??
It that something I could adjust?

BTW… I put on the Ranch Hand lift kit myself. I am also VERY pleased with the ride of these new tires... VERY little road noise


02' F250 quad cab, 7.3, 4x4 104,000 miles...
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Well, one thing I would check first, is the front & rear brakes. Be sure none of them are sized on the slide pins. Make sure you do not have a caliper piston sized on any of the brake caliper locations. If all these are OK I would find a long stretch level area & see if it still pulls. Sometimes the crown on the road can make your vehicle drift left or right. I would note if it pulls, drifts, when you are driving with no brakes applied or just when you appy the brakes. If all the pistons are free & not creating any drag, and all the slide pins are free, & it does not pull on brake application then it may be a bad tire. Even though the tires are new one or more can be bad and cause a pull or drift. Try rotating some tires & see if this corrects any pull or drift. A GOOD alignment shop CAN adjust your alignment to allow for a road crown condition but it wiil not always work on every road condition you drive on.
Hope these suggestions help your investigation.

Yes JoeBobBilly. Thats why I suggested you check the brake system for ANY kind of condition that could cause a dragging brake to cause you a pull left or right. If it is only pulling to the right then it would suggest to me the possibility of a brake drag on the right side brakes. Don't forget to check the brake line hose for anything that may cause brakes to want to drag. ie, not allowing the hydraulic pressure to release. If it is just a drift to the right when you are on the crown of the road & becomes a left drift when you are over the crown, then it may need just the way it is. I know on my truck I have, and always have had, a slight right drift or pull & just live with it as it is very slight & changes on the road I am driving on. Good luck.

1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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