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Aligned but still... Pulling to the Right

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Hi all… I’m new here so any help will be REALLY appreciated!!

I just put Nitto Terra Grappler 295x75x16 tires on my 02 - 7.3 - F250,.
I also had to put on a Ranch Hand lift kit, so the front tires would not rub…

I took it to my shop of choice to have it aligned, but they said that it would pull to the right slightly, because of the lift kit, and I would need my passenger side “king pin” replaces/fixed, to the tune of $400.00 plus bucks… OUCH!!
It does pull to the right...:ugh:

My questions are:
Is that something I could replace, and why would that break??
It that something I could adjust?

BTW… I put on the Ranch Hand lift kit myself. I am also VERY pleased with the ride of these new tires... VERY little road noise


02' F250 quad cab, 7.3, 4x4 104,000 miles...
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What is an alignment collar and where would I get one?

Joe... My friends call me JoeBobBilly sometimes cause they think I am redneckish...
These collars (offset bushings actually and sometimes called "slugs") are available through most parts stores (though many will likely have to order them).

MOOG and Specialty Products are only two of many suppliers. Your alignmnet shop should have these in stock - if not, I would strongly consider backing slowly towards the door....

Now - the tricky part... these slugs are available from zero degree to over 2.5 degree offsets (depending on brand) and can be installed in several positions... Knowing your start caster/camber reading and the existing slug offset are crucial to achieving a desireable caster/camber setting.

The "magic".... it isn't enough to get the alignment readings inside the "window" (manufacturers specs). The settings on one side influence the settings on the other...

A vehicle will pull to the side that has the most positive camber. A vehicle will pull to the side that has the least positive caster. And caster and camber can be used to offset each other. (Don't worry, this part can confuse even a lot of journeyman techs...). The idea is for the alignment tech to induce about a 1/2 to 3/4 degree pull (using cross-caster and cross-camber settings - this would be the side to side difference) to offset road crown.

As ever, it is vitally important to check toe in after any front suspension or steering linkage adjustments have been made.
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