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Aligned but still... Pulling to the Right

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Hi all… I’m new here so any help will be REALLY appreciated!!

I just put Nitto Terra Grappler 295x75x16 tires on my 02 - 7.3 - F250,.
I also had to put on a Ranch Hand lift kit, so the front tires would not rub…

I took it to my shop of choice to have it aligned, but they said that it would pull to the right slightly, because of the lift kit, and I would need my passenger side “king pin” replaces/fixed, to the tune of $400.00 plus bucks… OUCH!!
It does pull to the right...:ugh:

My questions are:
Is that something I could replace, and why would that break??
It that something I could adjust?

BTW… I put on the Ranch Hand lift kit myself. I am also VERY pleased with the ride of these new tires... VERY little road noise


02' F250 quad cab, 7.3, 4x4 104,000 miles...
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Replacing the ball joints is not really that hard if you have/rent a ball joint kit. It will save you about $200. There is a write up on it on the site somewhere, check it out and see if it's something you can tackle yourself.

My lower balljoint on the pass. side was really bad, I would say unsafe bad, but I didn't know it untill I jacked up the truck to rotate the tires one day. I did have a pull but only when braking hard and blamed it on the siezed calliper pin on the drivers side. Every truck is different though, and if their is any doubt I would change it out and have it realigned.
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