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Aligned but still... Pulling to the Right

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Hi all… I’m new here so any help will be REALLY appreciated!!

I just put Nitto Terra Grappler 295x75x16 tires on my 02 - 7.3 - F250,.
I also had to put on a Ranch Hand lift kit, so the front tires would not rub…

I took it to my shop of choice to have it aligned, but they said that it would pull to the right slightly, because of the lift kit, and I would need my passenger side “king pin” replaces/fixed, to the tune of $400.00 plus bucks… OUCH!!
It does pull to the right...:ugh:

My questions are:
Is that something I could replace, and why would that break??
It that something I could adjust?

BTW… I put on the Ranch Hand lift kit myself. I am also VERY pleased with the ride of these new tires... VERY little road noise


02' F250 quad cab, 7.3, 4x4 104,000 miles...
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Thanks Reg!

I'll check the brakes this afternoon, (instead of my nap) and take it for a spin down the interstate...
I guess I should of been more specific, but braking doesn't seem to have any effect at all, but maybe there is something that is rubbing/dragging on the right side.

And I have swapped out the tires, front to back... no change, left to right still no change.
Just driving down the interstate, I can straddle the crown and it still pulls (maybe I should say drifts) slowly to the right. Does the same thing if I find a really long straight stretch that is fairly flat.
One more thing, if I am on the left side of the crown it seems to want to go straight, but if I get to the right side of the crown, it wants to drift to the right.

Thanks again!
Well all... Thanks for all the advice! You don't know how much it means to me. Sure gives me confidence that I can do this myself! And working on my own truck makes me feel so much better!

I took the front calipers off and installed new pads just because I didn't know how many miles were on the old ones... The old ones were not too bad off, but now I know for sure.
Couldn't find anything dragging, jacked up the back and spun the tires, and nothing seemed to be rubbing or dragging them either.

FMTRVT. I think you are correct about the top balljoint and the king pin.
I was looking today at all the "how to" some where here on TheDieselStop and found the ball joint repair and replace page. It was the top one the shop was talking about.
What is an alignment collar and where would I get one?

Joe... My friends call me JoeBobBilly sometimes cause they think I am redneckish...
Thanks Jack... your post was just below the bottom window as i was reading GrampyJim's reply and I'm thinking... Man, how am I going to do all this at home...
Needless to say when I scrolled down, your post made me laugh out loud...:lol::lol::lol::lol:

Thanks for the laugh... I needed it after this long Monday, maybe Tuesday will not be as long.

Thanks GrampyJim! I'm gonna print that out and try to digest it for the next couple of days

Ya'll have a great week.

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