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Allison Transmission Question

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I just finished rebuilding the 6-71 for the TDH 4512 listed in my Sig. The Allison V-Drive (pretty much the most bullet proof transmission I've ever seen) is in excellent shape and doesn't need any work.

However, it still has the original fluid in it from god knows when in the '70s. The GM manuals, which date from 1955, call out a GM part number for the fluid that is now meaningless. The trans fluid looks like clear hydraulic oil, and I'm wondering if anybody knows what a good replacement for it would be, or whether Dexron III would work as well.


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Why not call Allison? Back in those days ATF was not as popular in heavy transmissions, a lot of them had motor oil in them. Most of the ones you get today still allow the use of motor oil especially in severe service, but they now say that ATF is preferred. The viscosity depended on the temperature.

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