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Almost have $300

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Ok I almost have $300+ saved for Gauges what is good for around that price? I was thinking of the Z series from AutoMeter is there anything else I should be looking at? I want 3 w/ pillar pods what is a good brand and series for as close to $300-325????
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You seem to be down on the AutoMeter whats the problem with them??? I have had them in my truck for the last 6 years, can't find anything to make the comment do it right and get ISSPRO
I first bought Autometers and a pillar mount. When I installed the pillar mount I didn't like it. I removed it and bought a three gauge under dash mount. I couldn't read the gauges at night mounted in that location. Perhaps I could have if my eyes were still young. I sold the autometer gauges and bought Dipricol Optix because a couple of TDS vendors told me they had the best lighting of any brand. They match well and I can read them.
The ISSPRO pre-turbo color-coded pyrometer is not only 270º, the color coding makes it even easier to read the gauge at a glance so you can maintain between 1,200º and 1,250º EGT while climbing the mountain, dealing with traffic, and keeping an eye on that Dodge.
So if you are right on the edge of 1250° and that Dodge is creeping up on you, do you let the Dodge pass you or do you go past 1250°.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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